Website Maintenance Benefits

 WordPress Core Updates

The WordPress content management system is a powerful piece of software. Like all software, WordPress needs to be updated when bugs are found. This is critical with website software because being online exposes your site to hackers who can cause you harm. Keeping your website software updated is the number one way to avoid having your website hacked. Having your website hacked is a thoroughly unpleasant experience.

WordPress Plugin Updates

Plugins need to be updated for all of the same reasons as the WordPress core. A few web hosting companies advertise WordPress updates, but in the fine print they will only perform WordPress core updates and not touch your plugins. What is the point of that? The value of OnSiteWP is that our experts keep all of your plugins updated along with the WordPress core. No need to worry about plugin updates conflicting with other parts of your website because we handle all of those conflicts for you.

Security Monitoring

Updates are the number one way of keeping hackers out of your site, but there are many other proactive things that can be done to secure your website. Whether it is weak passwords or vulnerabilities found by a hacker before the developer discovers the problem, our security monitoring is designed to catch these breaches. Leaving a hacked website online has many downsides including getting canceled from your hosting provider and delisted from Google. Being delisted by Google means your site will no longer show up in the search results.

Website Backups

Website backups are something everybody talks about and few implement correctly. A website backup is a copy of your website that can be recovered in the case of a disaster. Have you ever tried a simple website change and messed up everything? Has it been so bad that you weren’t able to undo it? At some point in your website career it is going to happen. This is why having a good backup copy is essential. Our backup service copies both your code files and database so that a complete recovery can be made in the event that you need it, and it can be done quickly.

WordPress Uptime Monitoring

Low cost shared webhosting has benefits. It gets your business online without having to manage your own server. But in our experience we see a lot of variation between hosting services. Even servers on the same hosting company have variations in load and response times. Our Uptime monitoring provides data to know how reliable your server is. If the hosting problems can’t be resolved, we have industry partners we can refer you to.

Hack Cleanup

Despite best efforts, sometimes a clever hacker shocks the entire world with a novel way to break into a website. Subscribers to our service can rest assured that if your site is ever hacked, our professional WordPress developers will analyze the hack attack, block the attack vector, and clean up any defacement or viruses added to your website. We will then submit your site to Google for verification that it is clean, and to remove any hacked site warnings that display in the search engines.

Speed Optimization

Studies show that nobody likes surfing on a slow website. When customers have so many options, they won’t go through the pain of a bad website. Our OnSiteWP Speed Optimization service measures current page load times, performs our speed improvements, and sends you a final report. We enable HTTP compression, CSS & Javascript minification, set “expires” headers for client side caching, and more. Site speed is also a factor that Google considers when it decides where to rank your website.

Professional Service

Let’s be honest, if most web developers provided world class service, we wouldn’t exist. Our years of industry experience allow us to sympathize with business owners who have been burned by a less than optimal website design experience. Heck, some website designers recognize that no single person can be an expert in all topics so they partner with us to provide ongoing maintenance service to their clients. For these reasons, and for your peace of mind, subscribe to one of our maintenance plans today.

We do all this from our US Based location in Phoenix, AZ