How Our WordPress Maintenance Service Works

Sign up for a WordPress maintenance service planSign-up For A WordPress Service Plan

We have a variety of WordPress maintenance service plans destined to fit your needs.

The OnSiteWP Essential WordPress maintenance plan is designed to give you all core, theme and plugin software updates without overlapping the features of high-end managed web hosting services. Its genesis came from people happy with the performance and backups performed by their hosting company but needed someone dependable to take care of their WordPress plugin updates. We do a monthly website backup for disaster recovery purposes in case your web hosting company has a major failure. Marketing and SEO professionals love this plan because it is a low cost way for the technical IT aspects of WordPress to get done while they focus on your content and website ranking strategies.

Our Full Protection WordPress maintenance service gives you all of the core, theme and plugin updates from the Essential plan along with a weekly offsite backup of your website. Having the more frequent backup gives you greater recovery options for fresh data in the event a restore is ever needed. We also perform complimentary small changes each month for Full Protection customers. A small change may be an update to your contact information, changes to text on a page, swap a photo, fix a mobile layout bug or anything our seasoned pros can do for you in a short amount of time (under 15 minutes). This is a super valuable option to have when many web developers charge clients a 1 hour minimum for the most basic change. We recommend this plan for business owners who have occasional questions or have cut ties with their original web developer.

Customers who base their livelihood on their website should consider our Preferred WordPress service plan. The Preferred plan has all of the features of our other plans, increases the website backup frequency to daily, has free cleanup if you site ever is vandalized by hackers, and you get an hour of consulting every month to discuss whatever issue we can help you with. You in essence have a WordPress professional at your fingertips to cover any issue that could go wrong with a website.

Get setup in our WordPress monitoring systemWebsite Onboarding

Onboarding is the process of getting your website set up in our maintenance system.

It starts by having you fill out our WordPress Worksheet. Our worksheet is a secure web form that gathers the login information to your WordPress dashboard and web hosting account. Once we can login, your work is done!

We ask for an admin account on your website so that we have access to view and update your WordPress plugins. Access to your hosting allows us to correct deeper website issues without the involvement of your original web developer or your hosting company’s tech support in nearly all cases.

Some companies with a strict security policy may not want to share the primary admin password to their site. We completely understand this practice. We ask that you create a new user with onsitewp as the username, info at as the email address and a strong random password for our Administrator role access.

After our access to your site has been established, we install a special OnSiteWP plugin that allows our monitoring system to watch for maintenance events on your website. We will be informed when plugin, theme, and core updates need to be performed. It also tracks other maintenance related tasks such as completed backups and security scans.

We setup an individualized bucket in our private storage system to hold the offsite WordPress backups that we perform. This bucket is isolated on a per site basis so that one customer can not see the data from any other customer. We take your data security very seriously.

If your site is not running a security plugin, we will install the Wordfence security plugin. Wordfence is designed to add an additional level of security protection to your website beyond what WordPress includes out of the box.

Finally, one of our website maintenance engineers will personally look through the settings on your website for any glaring mistakes. If we see something that looks wrong, we will communicate our findings with you. We are not in the assumptions business. Talking to our clients with respect is what sets us apart from many other IT service companies.

While this may sound like a lot of manual labor on our part, we think it is necessary to properly set up and evaluate your website for long term success.

Ongoing WordPress updates support a secure websiteOngoing WordPress Maintenance

Old software is the most common way a website is hacked. As a website owner, your only defense is to stay current when developers release updates. Do you feel qualified to be updating software on a regular basis?

OnSiteWP’s maintenance service keeps all of the software components of your WordPress installation up to date. This includes your theme, plugins, and WordPress itself.

OnSiteWP support engineers watch the change logs and developer release notes published by plugin authors. We pay special attention to items which may present a compatibility problem with your website. Riskier WordPress plugin updates are deployed in our test environment before they go onto your website. This lets us get a feel for the readiness of the plugin before it is installed on your live site.

Plugins with a reputation for rapid bug fixes after a major update, such as woocommerce, may be postponed until our team feels the release is ready for prime time. If there is a major feature in the new version that you have been itching for, contact us and we’re happy to let you be an early adopter.

Website backups and Wordfence security scans are scheduled to run on a regular basis. We want to be the first to know in the event of a security problem.

Maintenance service summary reports and billing happen on a monthly basis. You are not locked into a long term service contract. Our customers stick with us because we never let them down.

We strongly believe the quality, convenience, and value of our service speaks for itself.

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