Services and Pricing

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* A minor content update is defined as a content update that can be performed within 15 minutes such as changing a phone number, contact email, page text or photograph.

WordPress Fix-it Services

One-Time Fix-It – $69
When you hit a small problem that needs a fix, don’t waste hours doing it yourself. The OnSiteWP one-time fix is the best way to hire a WordPress expert to get you past your problem.

A small problem is defined as something that we can take care of in under 30 minutes. It can include things like changing a button color, fixing a website layout problem, or answering a configuration question.

You don’t have to be one of our WordPress maintenance service customers to use this, though we recommend maintenance service to everyone! Certain procedures like SSL and hacked website cleanup are more involved so we have developed special services for those below.

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SSL Conversion – $199*
We convert your website from standard HTTP to HTTPS. This includes proper adjustments to fix your links in the database, not just a simple redirection.

* Most web hosting providers now offer SSL hosting for free. Additional fees may be charged by your hosting company for the certificate. (we don’t do any mark up!)

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Hacked Website Clean-Up – $299
It is common for out of date websites to become hacked. If this happens to you, we have a 1 time fix-it service to remove the malware and get your site back online.

After our clean-up repair work is done, we STRONGLY recommend you subscribe to one of our maintenance service packages to keep your website secure!

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