About OnSiteWP

OnSiteWP LLC was started because we noticed an urgent need for website maintenance in the WordPress marketplace. As web developers, we often come across websites that are out of date, and many business owners are not aware of the potential for huge problems this can cause.

Instead of placing the burden of website maintenance on already busy business owners, we believe Website Maintenance Service is a valuable addition to your operations. OnSiteWP provides proactive website updates so that you aren’t in a scramble “fighting fires” when hackers find a new website vulnerability to exploit. Your website will be up to date.

Hacking isn’t the only reason for our service. Sometimes innocent mistakes happen. We keep a complete backup copy of your website to allow fast recovery from any mistake. Our backup copy is kept on OnSiteWP’s Secure Cloud Storage so that even if you have a total website crash at your hosting company, a copy of your website is safe and available to be recovered.

Finally web designers love our service because we provide an up to date platform for them to base their work. One of the largest problems WordPress designers face is needing to update a website before they can even begin their work. Our technical experts are happy to consult with both business owners and any authorized 3rd party to resolve interoperability issues that may arise from expanding your website.

About The Owners

Brian Murphy has been working professionally in IT since the 90’s. He started his career as a Unix systems administrator managing 70,000 users. Brian has been on the web almost from the beginning. Starting with plain HTML and wanting a better way, he began working with WordPress in 2009. Since then he has built hundreds of WordPress based websites. He has a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from the University of Arizona and now resides in the Phoenix, AZ area.

Mark Rudder began his first company in 1987 as a sign painter/designer. Signs were a great way to advertise a business, but lacked the broad reach of online marketing. In the mid 1990’s, when the internet was becoming mainstream, he built his first website as an alternative to traditional media advertising. Always looking for faster and easier ways to build websites, he eventually encountered WordPress. Learning about the power of WordPress was trans-formative. Since that time he has helped many business owners develop their online presence using WordPress.

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